Date : 07/07/2022 




Best Freelancing & Outsourcing Training Center in Uttara, Bangladesh

Projuktir Pathshala is providing courses from (2000). With the goal of becoming Bangladesh’s best training institute, now you can find it at top of line. Projuktir Patshala is mainly a sister concern company of DMS (Bangladesh’s largest and best marketing agency). We aim to make any student sustainable for recent job market along with head start in any Freelancing sites Projuktir Pathshala is a reliable source of learning digital skills in Bangladesh. We are a dependable IT related service provider in Bangladesh. Last 12 years we are providing outstanding services to people.


Our Mission


We believe that if Education First delivers consistently excellent work and builds capacity in organizations to improve and influence what matters most for student learning, then we will advance the vision of preparing all students and particularly low-income students and students of color for success in life.Our mission is to deliver exceptional ideas,experience-based solutions and results so all students and particularly low-income students and students of color are prepared.

our vission


We envision a world in which every student is prepared to succeed—a world in which income and race no longer determine the quality of education. Education First has a robust strategy to build our staff and organizational capacity to lead on issues of equity, and to increase diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the firm. We also have a deep commitment to, and growing experience with, helping clients elevate, interrogate and take seriously how they pursue equity in their work.


Projuktir Pathshala Institute is a professional outsourcing training and freelancing and IT training company in Bangladesh with a good reputation, and open skill-set. We are a professional IT Training Company in Bangladesh. We providing a range of affordable freelancing
training to our student. Our goal is the success of our student and client and builds stable communication and marketing strategy.


With our experienced and inspiring tutors. you’ll receive more individual attention This exceptional tutorial support

Studying Locally

It so much easier to reach your potential and timetables structured you can fit study around your job and existing.

Learning Center

Well-furnished classrooms and a fully equipped computer/study room.Our fees are considerably lower than others