Date : 23/03/2023 



Social Media Marketing

Course Duration

90 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 30

Regular Fees


20% Discount Fees




The importance of social media marketing has become a necessity for any business. It is not only a way to promote your brand, but it also provides many other benefits. Our Social Media Marketing Training Course will explore the different social platforms, their benefits and marketing techniques. Social media marketing is an essential tool for business because it helps with branding and customer service, as well as networking with potential clients and influencers. This marketing strategy known as "Social Media Marketing" harnesses the power and influence of social websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. In other words, this strategy is used to drive more customers to a company's website to establish an online reputation and trust.

Course Module

Upcoming Batch

Professional Graphics Design

Fee : 20000/=

Main Class

⦿ Facebook Marketing 

⦿ Targeted Email Marketing

⦿ Youtube Marketing 

⦿ Linkedin Marketing

⦿ Instagram Marketing

⦿ Twitter Marketing

⦿ Pinterest Marketing

Special Class


Soft Skill:

    ⦿Introduce to online  marketplace (Fiver,Freelancer & Upwork )

    ⦿ Fiverr Account Creation

    ⦿ Gig Research

    ⦿ Fiverr Effective Gig making

    ⦿ Fiverr Gig Marketing

    ⦿ Freelancer Contest & Bid

    ⦿ Upwork Account Creation 

    ⦿ Upwork Account 100% Approved

    ⦿ Upwork Project Ready

    ⦿ Upwork Bid Technique

    ⦿Upwork Buyer Handling

    Course Requirements/Prerequisites

    Basic knowledge of computer operating

    Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).

    Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).