Date : 23/03/2023 



Professional Motion Graphics Design

Course Duration

90 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 35

Regular Fees


15% Discount Fees




Motion graphics are animated graphic designs —a portion of an animation, not a complete animation. Our Advanced Motion Graphics Training Course will help you create your career in multimedia creation industry. Motion graphics are made with text animation as the main element and animated design or other visual elements. Visualizing text and graphics with motion graphics is an effective technique. The creators of motion graphics produce visual interpretations of people's thoughts. As motion graphics have high social engagement and retention rates, are comparatively more economical than making a complete animation, and have a lot of room to be creative, they are becoming more popular daily. The technique is commonly used in Typography, Movie Titles, Animated Logos, Spine Videos, Product Animation, UI/UX Animation, Template Editing, Animation Aids, etc. Hence the demand for a professional motion graphic designer is immense.

Course Module

Upcoming Batch

Professional Graphics Design

Fee : 20000/=

Main Class

✍️ Animation and Parameters

✍️ Working With Adjustment

✍️ Working Mask & Layer

✍️ Working With Null

✍️ Motion Sketch

✍️ Shape & Text Layer

✍️ Music visualizers

✍️ Trace and Puppet Tools

✍️ Animating Layers

✍️ Building 3D Object

Special Class



✅ Soft Skill:

✍️ Introduce to online  marketplace (Fiver,Freelancer & Upwork )

✍️ Fiverr Account Creation

✍️ Gig Research

✍️ Fiverr Effective Gig making

✍️ Fiverr Gig Marketing

✍️ Freelancer Contest & Bid

✍️ Upwork Account Creation 

✍️ Upwork Account 100% Approved

✍️ Upwork Project Ready

✍️ Upwork Bid Technique

✍️ Upwork Buyer Handling

Course Requirements/Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of computer operating

Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).

Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).