Date : 23/03/2023 



Office Application

Course Duration

60 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 20

Regular Fees


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Microsoft Office application is a software package. The Computer Office Applications course will introduce you to Computer Systems, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Database, Email, and Internet browsing basic applications and help you lay your foundation with creativity. If you know these few pieces of software, you will be able to utilize these in your career to come. This course can be the first step in your computer learning or the foundation for freelancing.

Course Module

Upcoming Batch

Professional Graphics Design

Fee : 20000/=

Main Class

✍️  Fundamentals of Computer

✍️ Microsoft Office Word

✍️ English Typing

✍️ Bangla Typing

✍️ Microsoft Office Excel

✍️ Microsoft Office PowerPoint

✍️ Microsoft Office Access

✍️ Fundamental Of Hardware

✍️ Website browsing

✍️ Internet Search Engine

✍️ Online Application

✍️ Google translate

✍️ E-mail Browsing & Social Media

Special Class



Soft Skill:

✍️ Introduce to online  marketplace (Fiver,Freelancer & Upwork )

✍️ Fiverr Account Creation

✍️ Gig Research

✍️ Fiverr Effective Gig making

✍️ Fiverr Gig Marketing

✍️ Freelancer Contest & Bid

✍️ Upwork Account Creation 

✍️ Upwork Account 100% Approved

✍️ Upwork Project Ready

✍️ Upwork Bid Technique

✍️ Upwork Buyer Handling

Course Requirements/Prerequisites