Date : 23/03/2023 



Google Ads

Course Duration

120 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 20

Regular Fees


20% Discount Fees




Google Ads is a form of digital marketing where advertisers pay to place text-based ads on Google's search engine results pages, YouTube, Gmail, and other Google properties. It is a part of the advertising platform built by Google. It includes AdWords and DoubleClick products. In our course you will be able to learn about the metrics used in this system, how to set up an audience, the kinds of ads you can make, what ads are applicable for which scenario, many advanced tips and tricks, and many more that will demonstrate real-life application and use of this ad platform.

Course Module

Course Requirements/Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of computer operating

Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).

Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).