Date : 23/03/2023 



Facebook Marketing

Course Duration

60 Days

Total Classes

Classes : 20

Regular Fees


20% Discount Fees




Facebook marketing is a business through Facebook that helps to make your brand known to people. You will learn everything from basic to advanced, how to increase brand value to customers by proper marketing through our Advanced Facebook Marketing Training Course. It can help a lot to grow an online business, collect customer leads, and sell products or services. Not only this, but through this marketing, you can increase Facebook page followers, organically increase traffic to your website and build your brand value to your target customers in a short period of time.

Course Module

Upcoming Batch

Professional Graphics Design

Fee : 20000/=

Main Class

✍️ Introduction to Facebook Ads

✍️ Get started with Meta Ads Manager

✍️ Understand Audience

✍️ Create Audiences in Meta Ads Manager

✍️ Facebook Pixel Set Up

✍️ Find campaign results in Meta Ads Manager

Special Class



✅ Soft Skill:

✍️ Introduce to online  marketplace (Fiver,Freelancer & Upwork )

✍️ Fiverr Account Creation

✍️ Gig Research

✍️ Fiverr Effective Gig making

✍️ Fiverr Gig Marketing

✍️ Freelancer Contest & Bid

✍️ Upwork Account Creation 

✍️ Upwork Account 100% Approved

✍️ Upwork Project Ready

✍️ Upwork Bid Technique

✍️ Upwork Buyer Handling

Course Requirements/Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of computer operating

Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).

Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).